Not all leaders think the same way. Thankfully!

After all, no two teams are the same. A team of 10 needs an entirely different leader than a team of 100, for example.

We help organization leaders access the unique set of skills necessary to successfully lead their teams, no matter the objectives. Together we develop the strategies to close the gap between current capabilities and those needed to produce results. 

Our Performance Coaching supports clients in breaking past self-imposed perceptions to see new possibilities in overcoming challenges. It enhances their leadership effectiveness and contributes to the long term  growth of their organization. 


Build confidence as a leader by learning to:

  • Understand your strengths, values and style.

  • Lead change.

  • Create a culture of engaged, accountable employees.

  • Make quicker decisions.

  • Influence and negotiate.

  • Say no and build a balanced career plan.


We also specialize in Woman's Leadership Development. 

Women can unknowingly be holding themselves back from their true power. In this program we help women uncover their unconscious thoughts and behavior patterns and coach them to take new risks to become more authentic and proactive.

“Stephanie has played an invaluable role in helping our organization evaluate, create and implement solutions to develop our organization’s future leaders, and positively impact our ability to meet our business goals. Her strategic approach, commitment and positive attitude as well as, her ability to execute have helped us build a program we are not only proud of, but that we feel will contribute significantly to employee development, recruitment, retention and succession planning.”
— Dick Judd: COO, Beall’s, Inc., Beall's Department & Outlet Stores