We’ve all heard the saying, “There’s no I in TEAM.” And although that’s a great spelling lesson, it isn’t exactly how teams work.

Groups need to take advantage of each individual’s strengths, viewpoints, skills, and knowledge. But how does a group learn to do that?

Our Team Coaching & Effectiveness Programs are proven to give teams the edge they need for optimal results. They enjoy greater team innovation, creative problem-solving, enhanced productivity, engagement and the agility to adjust to rapid change.


We have powerful tools and skills to:

  • Shift counterproductive behaviors, attitudes, and practices in order to achieve stated goals and objectives.

  • Build openness and trust needed for innovation, creativity, and increased knowledge and resource sharing.

  • Develop skills and competencies necessary for high performance including conflict resolution, team decision making, meeting management, process improvement, and collaboration.

  • Encourage constructive conflict to breed new ideas while managing destructive conflict that could tear teams down.


Types of Teams We Work With:

  • Leadership Teams
  • Multi-Cultural & Global Teams
  • Work Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams

“Thank you profusely for your dedication and support in helping us build a stronger and more cohesive team. You have shown true professionalism, creativity, and commitment in working with us over the past two years and have helped us address some very challenging issues. You definitely deserve major credit for the latest staff survey results - which are consistently higher than organizational scores in many significant areas.”
— Carl Hanlon: Director, World Bank Group