What’s Your Leadership Score for Courage?

If you are a leader, your courage is called on more than any other skill. Without courage new ideas won’t see the light of day, tough conversations won’t happen and letting go of old ways of doing things for new, better approaches will fail. Even the best strategies won’t matter if your culture lacks the courage to implement them.

The good news is that we know based on the research of Brene’ Brown, PhD that courage is a teachable skill. We use to think that either you were born with the trait or not. This is far from the truth.

Courage is made up of four science backed skill-sets: 1. Rumbling With Vulnerability 2. Living Into Our Values 3. Braving Trust 4. Learning To Rise.

Find out how you are doing in these 4 skills-sets and get some tips on how to make improvements. This *FREE, easy assessment will get you started. You won’t even be asked to provide your email address.


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