"Courage Starts With Showing Up & Letting Ourselves Be Seen." Brene Brown

My fav Brené Brown quote is "Courage Starts With Showing Up & Letting Ourselves Be Seen." 

Her research inspires me to put myself out there and take risks to let myself be seen. It's freeing and scary all at the same time and has taken my life and business to new and exciting places. 

If you ever feel fear like I do, know that we are not alone. Even the most successful CEO's share that they feel fear daily. The trick is when you feel fear don't run from it or let it suck you in. You are in charge of your feelings. Fear is often just a message from your system asking you to choose between keeping everything the same and comfortable or stepping into learning and growth which can only happen outside your comfort zone. Risky? Yes! Rewarding? Absolutely! 

What would you do with the courage to show up and let yourself be seen? Really seen?

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 I'm honored to be part of the Dare To Lead facilitator team bringing Brene's newest work on courage building to organizations.