Leadership Skills that will Excel over Technology

What can skilled leaders excel in that technology can't? According to research, it seems leaders who are strong-willed enough to be persuasive yet flexible enough to think differently and admit when they are wrong. This takes the type of vulnerability @BreneBrown talks about in her new book #DareToLead

Being open-minded to new ideas or being wrong can trigger feelings of defensiveness or fear of not being in control. Yet without flexibility in thinking skills like creative analysis, imagination and strategic thinking are compromised. 

The below article looks at the traits important in walking the tightrope of having the willingness to change and the wisdom to know when you shouldn't. It's called Intellectual Humility and it's measured by: 

1. Having respect for others viewpoints 

2.Not being intellectually overconfident 

3. Separating one's ego from one's intellect 

4. Willingness to revise one's own viewpoint. 

Let me know what you think.