Are You Opting Out of Conversations About Diversity, Inclusion & Equity?

A seven year study on brave leadership by Dr. Brené Brown confirmed this - if you aren't willing to have important conversations about diversity, inclusion and equity - you will not be leading in 5 years. 

The world is desperate for your brave leadership on this. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable to have these conversations. You may not feel knowledgeable enough and you may worry you will say the wrong thing. You don't want people to misinterpret what you say or do as sexist, racist, homophobic or some other kind of hater that you believe you’re not - so you do nothing. I get it. That seems the safest route. 

But opting out of these conversations because you feel uncomfortable, is the definition of privilege.

Courageous leaders shine the light on the things that people are feeling but not talking about. Uncomfortable, Yes – but you do it anyway – that’s the definition of courage.

Even the most “woke” in the world have unconscious bias. I challenged myself to watch this video with others and have a discussion about change. 

What if you watched this video with your team and discussed the different actions you could take in your organization that would help?

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